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By Aestheticare Medspa
May 15, 2015
Category: MedSpa
Tags: Dermapen  

DermapenFor those looking for a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that will reduce the appearance of acne and superficial scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, Dermapen may be the answer! Dermapen is a revolutionary new technology at your Lawrence med spa that helps to regenerate and stimulate collagen growth to tighten and revive the skin.

How Does It Work?

Collagen is a major part of the structure of the skin, and as we age, we start to lose it. This causes our skin to sag and to develop wrinkles. Dermapen jumpstarts the production of collagen to help tighten skin and increase elasticity. To do this, the Dermapen uses a series of micro-needles to pierce the skin to remodel collagen, tighten the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and fill acne scars.

When you come into Aestheticare Medspa in Lawrence for Dermapen we will first apply a topical cream to the areas of the skin we are going to treat. Once numb we will start to administer the series of fine needles to your skin. When each needle penetrates the dermis it causes micro-traumas, which causes the immune system to produce new collagen. And because we use a topical anesthesia, the treatment is virtually painless.

What Are the Benefits of Dermapen?

Dermapen offers a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin. Furthermore, the rejuvenating results you can achieve with Dermapen are comparable to that of other more invasive and costly cosmetic treatments. Plus, Dermapen can be used by itself, or complement other cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, cosmetic surgery, and dermal fillers.

When you choose Dermapen you also won’t have to worry about a post-treatment recovery period, as you would with other procedures. To maintain results, we often recommend that patients get up to six treatments each year. Most patients will start to notice an improvement in their skin about a week after treatment.

If you are interested in finding out how Dermapen can help you, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with our Lawrence Med Spa. Dermapen is also available in our Leawood location. Call our office today at (785) 856-8880 for our Lawrence office, and (913) 338-5476 for Leawood.

By AesthetiCare Medical Spa
May 07, 2015
Category: MedSpa
Tags: miraDry  

miraDryFind out how our Leawood Med Spa can treat your hyperhidrosis.

Do you suffer from excessive underarm sweating? Are you sick and tired of going through several shirts a day? You aren’t alone! About 211 million people worldwide deal with this uncomfortable condition. Don’t let it take over your life. Find out how one non-invasive procedure can eliminate your problem for good.

Q. What is miraDry?

A. This is an FDA-cleared way to reduce excessive underarm sweating, medically referred to as hyperhidrosis. This is a quick and non-invasive procedure performed in our Leawood office. 

Q. How does miraDry work?

A. MiraDry uses electromagnetic energy, which is directed at the sweat glands of the underarms, heating up and destroying them permanently while leaving the top layers of skin cooled and unharmed.

Q. How long does the miraDry procedure take?

A. Expect for the procedure to take about an hour to complete.

Q. How many miraDry sessions are required?

A. Your Leawood nurse at AesthetiCare Medical Spa will usually recommend that patients have two miraDry procedures three months apart to get the optimal results.

Q. What should I expect when I get miraDry in Leawood?

A. Before your miraDry treatment begins, we will first administer a local anesthesia to eliminate any procedural discomfort; however, some patients still report minimal discomfort during their treatment. Then the handheld device will be directed over certain areas of the underarms to target and eliminate sweat glands.

Q. Are there any side effects associated with miraDry?

A. Some people may experience some tenderness, swelling or redness for a few days after. Some numbness or tingling may also be present and usually goes away after a few weeks.

Q. Is there a recovery period?

A. What makes this treatment idea is that there is no downtime afterwards. Many of our patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after their procedure. However, we strongly advise against exercising for a few days after your treatment.

Don’t let excessive sweating embarrass you and keep you from living a fun, social life. Find out more about miraDry and if it can help you. Schedule an appointment today with AesthetiCare Medical Spa in Leawood.

By AesthetiCare Medical Spa
March 19, 2015
Category: MedSpa
Tags: Dermapen  

AesthetiCare is a Medspa in Leawood helps patients improve their looks and their confidence using non-invasive cosmetic treatments. One popular option we offer is the Dermapen, used to fix skin imperfections. Patients often have questions about the Dermapen and how it can help them, so here are some answers that can help you decide if this treatment is right for your needs.

What Is the Dermapen?
The Dermapen is a device that emits microscopic needles in a vibrating pattern against the skin. The needles stimulate collagen production in the skin, which helps to tighten and resurface the area. Essentially, the Dermapen works to mend your complexion in the most natural of ways - by stimulating your skin's natural ability to heal itself!

How Can the Dermapen Help You?
There are a number of aesthetic skin problems that can be resolved with a Dermapen treatment at the AesthetiCare Medspa in Leawood, including:

  • Acne and unwanted pimples
  • Rough skin and discoloration
  • Burn scars
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and lines in the face
  • Large pores

If you have a unique skin concern, talk to the staff at AesthetiCare to see if the Dermapen is right for you. 

A Non-Surgical Solution
Patients like Dermapen because it is like getting a "face lift" without going through invasive surgery. It is a small handheld device that allows your doctor plenty of freedom to treat the skin. This is an in-office procedure that can be completed in under an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Schedule an Appointment for a Dermapen Treatment Today
Now that you know more about Dermapen, the next step is to schedule an initial visit with the professionals at AesthetiCare Medical Spa in Leawood. This popular Medspa serves patients with a range of aesthetic concerns, including acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Call the office at (913) 338-5476 today to speak to a friendly staff member.

By AesthetiCare Medical Spa
March 19, 2015
Category: MedSpa
Tags: Tattoo Removal  

We make a lot of decisions as young people that we don't always agree with as we get older. Tattoos often fall into that category - people often get them on impulse without thinking much about their long-term effects. But thanks to laser tattoo removal services, patients who have been tattooed in the past can have them removed at a local medspa. These are a few of the most frequently Tattoo Removalasked questioned that Lawrence area patients have about laser tattoo removal at AesthetiCare Medical Spa.

Are Tattoos Permanent?
Many people think that when they get a tattoo they have to live with it for life. But thanks to laser tattoo removal, your tattoo mistake doesn't have to be a permanent one!

Laser tattoo removal is the process of administering pulses of light to the skin, removing tattoo ink. As the ink is targeted, it releases and is flushed out of the body by the immune system. This is considered one of the safest and most effective methods for tattoo removal.

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?
A tattoo removal procedure at AesthetiCare Medspa in Lawrence commonly requires five or more sessions, which will last up to 15 minutes each. The exact number of treatments depends on how colorful and large the tattoo is on the surface of the skin. After your first treatment, you’re encouraged to wait up to eight weeks to see how much the tattoo fades before getting another.

What Are the Results and What Are Aftercare Requirements?
After the tattoo has been removed, there may be some redness on the skin or swelling. Most of these effects are temporary, and simply part of the healing process as the body disposes of the unwanted ink. It’s important to closely monitor the healing process and stay in touch with your doctor. You must keep the area clean, dry, covered and treated with antibiotic ointment.

Schedule a Tattoo Removal Consultation
If you have a tattoo that you don't like anymore, contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa at (785) 856-8880 for an appointment to discuss laser tattoo removal services.

By AesthetiCare Medical Spa
February 04, 2015
Category: MedSpa
Tags: Coolsculpting  


The New Year welcomes a host of different resolutions. While some people may hope to start a business or take on a new hobby, one study found the number one New Years resolution last year was to lose weight. While diet and exercise are the key ingredients to a more ideal body size, for some people it can still be difficult to lose weight in certain areas. If a healthy diet and regular exercise isn’t helping you lose stubborn body fat, then it might be time to consider how your Leawood, KS MedSpa can help.

What is CoolSculpting?

This non-invasive, nonsurgical system uses cooling technology (also known as Cryolipolysis®) to break down fat cells in certain Cool Sculptingareas of our body without affecting the tissue around it. The result is that over the course of a few months you will notice a fat reduction in those treated areas.

What should I expect from my CoolSculpting treatment?

When you coming in for your treatment, we will use an applicator that’s controlled by our CoolSculpting monitoring system. We will attach this vacuum applicator to the areas to be treated to remove energy from the fatty tissue and to kill the fat cells.

Are there any side effects to treatment?

Sine this is a non-invasive technique you will be allowed to return to your daily activities without restrictions. You may notice some redness in the treated areas but this should last no more than a few hours. You may also experience bruising or swelling, which will subside after a few weeks.

What will my results look like? How long will my results last?

About two to four months after CoolSculpting, the patient will noticeable a considerable fat reduction in the targeted areas. After the two to four months, those who are looking to gain even more fat reduction may opt for subsequent treatments.

At the moment, research has found that the results last at least six months after your treatment; however, the removal of fat cells is predicted to last as long as removing fat cells through other procedures like liposuction.

Who should consider getting CoolSculpting?

This procedure is recommended for those who are healthy and fit but still experience pockets of fat in areas that diet and exercise doesn’t seem to change. This is not considered an alternative to weight loss nor will it be helpful for someone who is obese. This is also not an alternative to liposuction.

If you want to get a slimmer figure for the New Year, then contact AesthetiCare Medical Spa in Leawood, KS. Let this simple procedure give you the look you desire.

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